Airport Shuttle for Convenience and Comfort

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Image result for airport shuttleReaching your airport on time to catch a flight is often a stressful task. The need to depend on others, battling with traffic, and due to other common reasons, airport shuttle is a wise choice. Instead of driving your own vehicle, as well as dealing with the stress to reach the airport on time, you can get a ride with airport shuttle service to make an unpleasant journey a pleasant one. Below are some great reasons why you should choose a shuttle service for airport travel.

Reliable and Stress Free Transportation

You don’t have to drive your own can neither you have to worry about the traffic. With airport shuttle service, you will never get late or never miss a flight. Book an airport travel service and eliminate the stress associated with the travel, with well maintained luxury vehicles. Taking stress free travel, as well as reliable transportation, is the best reason to choose an airport shuttle service.  An upgrade to standard airport shuttle is limo service.  We flew into Augusta last year and used Augusta Limo Services and it really made for a very pleasant trip!  The limo was very clean and very luxurious.

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Travel Safety Tips

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SafeTravelSome of the best travel tips include “safety” throughout the trip! For instance, If you are leaving the country, it is imperative to learn or note the emergency number of the vacation spot, especially given that not all countries have 911. It is also important to keep valuables and wallets out of the sight or strongly secured to prevent theft. If a theft does happen, you should have a decent insurance plan so that your vacation does not get spoiled. Many travel insurances usually cover missing baggage or missed flights, as well as emergency evacuation.  These are just a few of the important safety tips that you should keep front of mind!

Emergency Number

Many travel tips websites and brochures ignore or forget to mention crucial emergency number. Every country or nation has at least one emergency number to call  for medical assistance, police, or firefighter. For instance, in the States, this number is “911”, while “112” is an emergency number of Europeans. You can either write down the destination region’s emergency number, save it on your phone, or memorize it. Mostly, vacationer won’t have to use this number; however, it is one of the safety tips one should never forget, and make sure your country has an emergency number, as some do not.

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Renting a Charter Bus

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Luxury Charter Bus

Luxury Charter BusWhen luxury comes in front of any vehicle’s name, it usually means many features as well as the conveniences that most people associate with luxury travel. A luxury charter bus is a type of transportation that might feature many amenities and services, which are usually not provided by a motor coach or standard bus. Most of the charter buses are called high class vehicles, but they become luxury buses when they increase passenger comfort; for example, equipped with technologies like internet access, kitchens, and more leg room. Obviously, luxury buses are more expensive than the regular ones, but well worth it if you can afford it.

Luxury or Not

Charter firms once in a while offer luxury buses that are not truly luxurious. A bus might be equipped with a few modifications and still be considered as an expensive luxury bus, though people might not want to rent a bus, which is truly not luxurious if the price is too high. The extra features determine the price of a luxury bus, as well as the effectiveness of the advertising in order to sell the upgrades as true luxury! Seating on the bus is the most common luxury that people look for when they rent a bus. The interior of the bus also signifies its luxury nature.  We took a bus last summer with some friends who own a tree company in New Smyrna Beach that was supposed to be “luxury,” and it turned out to be a dump. It was incredibly disappointing, and a great example of a company offering “luxury” that is actually anything but luxury travel.

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Pros and Cons of Public Transport

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Public Transport

Public TransportAlthough public transport has many advantages, it also has many challenges and problems. Many public transports are crowded, which is risky and can encourage the spread of disease. It is likewise inconvenient and uncomfortable. But, what is the biggest problem? Lack of privacy is the biggest problem of public transport vehicles because they are extremely crowded. Personal, as well as luxury vehicles like limousines, provide convenience and comfort, and there is no issue of privacy concerns.

The primary disadvantages of public transportation are as follows:

  • Germs and poor sanitary conditions
  • Crowding
  • Lack of privacy
  • Reduced comfort during travel
  • Safety when proper maintenance is not performed


Germs are also big concerns when it comes to traveling in public transport. Flu and other infections can spread from one person to another. If you are suffering from an infection or illness, it is better to avoid public transport from your own safety as people with these symptoms are prone to getting ill very soon.  If you have decided to ride public transport, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer, before and after riding it.  It is always best to carry it with you.

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Chartering a Private Airplane

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Air Charter

Almost everyone has experienced the horror show that is metaphorically depicted as airline travel. The buying of an airfare is simply the purchase of the air seat on a booked flight from an airport, far away from business or home, to another large airport, even more away from the real destination. Due to this, many travelers, especially business travelers, prefer to charter a private airplane.

What is an Air Charter?

The hiring of a whole plane, as well as the crew, for a long period of time, is called an air charter. There are clearly many benefits of chartering an airplane. Most charter planes are incorporated with luxurious amenities, allowing the traveler to do almost anything; sleep, work, and entertainment. They are likewise smaller than the regular commercial airlines, permitting travel from smaller airports which are closer to home or work, as well as allowing to land closer to the destination. We have friends who own a tree care company, and they charter a private plane each year when they do their annual meeting in the Bahamas. They really enjoy the privacy, and take their entire company each year on this private plane. What fun!

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First Class Travel

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Luxury Hotel

Luxury HotelBasically, first class travel means traveling in a luxury vehicle or in a luxury accommodation. First class hotels and flights offer luxurious accessories that are not usually available in typical or more economical travel alternatives. Extensive customer service, pampering, rich fabrics, and expensive foods are hallmarks and outline of first class travel. Economy airlines and typical public transports are less costly than the first class, as they don’t have the same extras or frills.

A Common Scenario

For instance, on airplanes, the economy class seats have negligible cushioning and numerous aircrafts offer travelers precooked in packaged container or in a cardboard. They will generally still serve economy class passengers filtered drinks; however, the glasses used might be plastic. On the other hand, first class sections include glassware and dishware. People who fly first class are often allowed to choose their luxurious food when they buy tickets so that could get freshly cooked food on their plate.

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Limo Service for a Corporate Event

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Finding the right limousine service company for your corporate event is a very important part of the planning process.  If you are trying to impress clients, then it is important to choose the right limo company for your event, and to also maintain your budget in the process.  There are many factors to consider, and understanding these factors and what is important in each one will help to make your decision a bit smoother.  And things can get very get complicated, especially if you are having a corporate event out of town or in another state or country.

The first reason to consider a limo service for a corporate event, is to determine the message and image you want to project for your event.  If you have clients that will be part of the event, it can be a very wise investment to hire limo rentals to cater to these clients.  They will be very impressed, and you can receive a great benefit from this.  You might also want to cater to your own employees as well.  If they have worked hard for your company, this can be a great way to say “thank you” and reward them for that hard work.  We used a company Limo Service Brandon for our retreat in Brandon last November, and they had an exceptional fleet of limos and great customer service.

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Flight Attendant as a Profession

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flight-attendantBecoming a flight attendant is a big decision!  If you enjoy traveling, then you might want to seriously consider this profession for your career.  You get to travel the world, and see many interesting and beautiful places.  It’s all a matter of personal preference, and you obviously have to enjoy flying and enjoy traveling to consider this option.

One of the first considerations to think about, is to ask the question as to whether or not you enjoy traveling.  Do you enjoy sleeping many nights each year in hotel rooms?  Are you OK with spending a lot of time traveling through airports?  Are you happy going to foreign countries for extended periods where you will not be around family and friends?  All of these are important questions that you must seriously consider.

Another obvious question is to make sure you are completely comfortable with flying?  Many people think they enjoy flying until they are suddenly flying each and every week.  They then realize that they just don’t enjoy flying all the time, so it can lead to difficulties with their new career.

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Limousine Rental

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A stretch limo is a luxury limousine (sedan version) usually driven by a chauffeur that can accommodate a number of passengers. The term “stretch” is capable of describing the whole concept of this type of limo; it is lengthened to accommodate more people or passengers, as well as to give a charming and unique luxury look. Old limos are usually available in two colors only; white and black.  But stretch limos today, are available in many different designs and colors; thanks to the customization options. The added features offered in the limo can vary by manufacturer, and have become so extravagant and luxurious, to include flat screen TV’s and fully-stocked wet bars.

The Type of Stretch Limousine

The length of every type of stretch limo is different, as different companies make different models with distinctive specifications. The interior likewise differs as per the length of the stretch limo. In the same way, seating arrangements can also vary according to the size of the stretch limousine. Sideways, back facing, and front facing, and it depends on the model the way each particular limo is designed. Most of the stretch limos are furnished with luxury amenities such as radios, LED lights, wet bars, LCDTV, expensive glassware, fog machines, and more. These things are also important to give the best as well as the most luxurious experience for the customer or passengers.

I have rented a number of limousines this year, and one in particular was truly exceptional.  We were in Lakeland, FL last summer and I rented a stretch SUV that was black with all the upgrades imaginable.  So for limo service Lakeland FL I highly recommend Lakeland Limo.  They have a great fleet of stretch limos, stretch SUV’s, and stretch Hummers, and they are all quite luxurious.  So if you need Lakeland limo service, I would recommend them for some of the best limos you will finnd anywhere. Continue reading

Airport Shuttle for Travel Convenience

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In case you’re flying into a city and have nobody to receive you at the airplane terminal, how would you choose your accommodations? Take a taxi? Cab? Rent a car? One prevalent alternative is the airport shuttle service. It is a company that operates limousines, buses, and vans to transport passengers to and from the nearby airport. The airport shuttle services are available in almost all airports; local or international ones. You can inquire about the airport shuttle service at the information booth.

Main Considerations

Comfort and cost are the two main concerns to consider while selecting an airport shuttle. While normally less expensive than a taxi, air shuttle fares might vary company to company. A few firms offer group discounts, so a few individuals traveling together can afford or split the fare. Round trips are usually discounted; these trips are customized when a person wants to be picked up from the airport as well as dropped off in a few days or hours. A lot of airport shuttle services now have websites, so you can get a reasonable fare by booking or reserving the shuttle online well in advance of your scheduled trip.

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